Hongkongese actors died at age 63

Here are 1 famous actors from Hong Kong died at 63:

Lo Lieh

Lo Lieh (June 29, 1939 Pematangsiantar-November 2, 2002 Shenzhen) a.k.a. Loh Lieh, Joe Lee, Lida Wang, Lo Lien, Wong Lap-Dat, Law Leed, Lit Law, Wang Lap Tat, Wang Lap-tat, 羅烈, 罗烈, 王立達, Lieh Lo, Lo Liee, Luo Lie, Law Lik, Law Lit, Ro Re, Ro Rye, Lao Lit, Lo Lei, Luo Lieh, Law Lieed, Ro Lieh, Lo Lih, Wong Lit-Tat, Wong Laap-Daat or Wong Lap-Tat was a Hongkongese actor and film director. His children are called , and .

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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