Hungarian actors born in 1914

Here are 5 famous actors from Hungary were born in 1914:

George Tabori

George Tabori (May 24, 1914 Budapest-July 23, 2007 Berlin) also known as György Tábori was a Hungarian writer, playwright, screenwriter, actor, theatre director and film director. He had two children, Peter Tabori and Kris Tabori.

György Illés

György Illés (November 2, 1914 Eger-June 12, 2006 Budapest) was a Hungarian cinematographer, actor and professor.

Andor Dárday

Andor Dárday (April 25, 1914 Tata-February 16, 1986 Budapest) also known as Dárdai Andor was a Hungarian actor.

Jenö Pataky

Jenö Pataky (September 8, 1914 Budapest-February 15, 1996 Budapest) also known as Pataki Jenõ, Pataky Jenõ, Jeno Pataky or Jenõ Pataky was a Hungarian actor.

László Ujlaky

László Ujlaky (June 15, 1914 Dolga Vas, Lendava-July 20, 1994 Budapest) also known as UJlaki László, Ujlaky László, Újlaki László, Újlaky László, László Ujlaki, László Újlaki or László Újlaky was a Hungarian actor and voice actor. He had one child, Károly Ujlaky.

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