Hungarian actors born in 1982

Here are 7 famous actors from Hungary were born in 1982:

Dávid Jancsó

Dávid Jancsó (July 2, 1982 Budapest-) also known as David Jancso or David Jancsó is a Hungarian film editor, actor and television editor.

István Dankó

István Dankó (August 1, 1982 Alsózsolca-) is a Hungarian actor.

Lehel Kovács

Lehel Kovács (October 6, 1982 Horgoš-) is a Hungarian actor and voice actor.

Kristóf Steiner

Kristóf Steiner (February 19, 1982 Budapest-) otherwise known as Steiner Kristóf is a Hungarian actor and voice actor.

Péter Telekes

Péter Telekes (August 24, 1982 Kolárovo-) also known as Telkes Péter is a Hungarian actor.

Tamas Menyhart

Tamas Menyhart (September 29, 1982 Budapest-) is a Hungarian actor.

József Kádas

József Kádas (April 15, 1982 Debrecen-) is a Hungarian actor.

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