Hungarian actors died at age 69

Here are 3 famous actors from Hungary died at 69:

Steven Geray

Steven Geray (November 10, 1904 Uzhhorod-December 26, 1973 Los Angeles) also known as Stephen Geray, Steve Geray, Istvàn Gyergyay, István Gyergyai, Gyergyay István, István Gyergyay, Stephan Gergay, Istvan Gyergyai, Gyergyai István, Stephen Gergay or Istvan Gyergyay was a Hungarian actor.

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Snitz Edwards

Snitz Edwards (January 1, 1868 Budapest-May 1, 1937 Los Angeles) also known as Edward Neumann was a Hungarian actor and theater performer. He had three children, Cricket Neumann, Evelyn Neumann and Marian Edwards.

He died as a result of arthritis.

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József Madaras

József Madaras (August 16, 1937 Neaua-April 24, 2007 Máriahalom) also known as Joszef Madaras was a Hungarian actor, film director, television director and voice actor. He had one child, Mónika Madaras.

He died in complications from a stroke.

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