Hungarian actresses born in 1982

Here are 7 famous actresses from Hungary were born in 1982:

Haruka Orth

Haruka Orth (November 16, 1982 Chicago-) is a Hungarian astrologer and actor.

Hermina Fátyol

Hermina Fátyol (March 30, 1982 Budapest-) is a Hungarian actor.

Lili Bordan

Lili Bordan (March 12, 1982 Bronxville-) also known as Lili Bordán is a Hungarian actor, screenwriter and film producer.

Mónika Hoffmann

Mónika Hoffmann (March 11, 1982 Malmö Municipality-) also known as Monika Hoffman is a Hungarian singer and actor.

Juli Széphelyi

Juli Széphelyi (January 26, 1982 Budapest-) also known as Júlia Széphelyi is a Hungarian actor, screenwriter and film director.

Judit Ligeti Kovács

Judit Ligeti Kovács (September 23, 1982 Debrecen-) is a Hungarian actor.

Ilona Nagy

Ilona Nagy (October 9, 1982 Mór-) a.k.a. Sárközi Nagy Ilona is a Hungarian actor.

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