Hungarian music stars died at age 40

Here are 7 famous musicians from Hungary died at 40:

Robert Capa

Robert Capa (October 22, 1913 Budapest-May 25, 1954 Thái Bình) also known as Endre Ernő Friedmann was a Hungarian journalist, photographer, artist, photojournalist and visual artist.

He died caused by landmine.

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Maximilian Steiner

Maximilian Steiner (August 28, 1839 Buda-May 29, 1880) was a Hungarian actor and theater manager. He had two children, Gabor Steiner and Franz Steiner.

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László Rajk

László Rajk (March 8, 1909 Paris-October 15, 1949 Budapest) also known as Laszlo Rajk was a Hungarian politician. He had one child, Laszlo Rajk.

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Richard Réti

Richard Réti (May 28, 1889 Pezinok-June 6, 1929 Prague) also known as Richard Reti was a Hungarian writer.

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Isabella Jagiellon

Isabella Jagiellon (January 18, 1519 Kraków-September 15, 1559 Alba Iulia) was a Hungarian personality. She had one child, John Sigismund Zápolya.

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Pál Simon

Pál Simon (December 31, 1881-February 25, 1922) also known as Pal Simon was a Hungarian personality.

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Jenő Károly

Jenő Károly (January 15, 1886 Budapest-July 28, 1926 Turin) was a Hungarian personality.

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