Hungarian music stars died at age 75

Here are 24 famous musicians from Hungary died at 75:

Hans Selye

Hans Selye (January 26, 1907 Vienna-October 16, 1982 Montreal) a.k.a. Dr. Hans Selye was a Hungarian physician and scientist.

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Ferdinand Porsche

Ferdinand Porsche (September 3, 1875 Vratislavice nad Nisou-January 30, 1951 Stuttgart) was a Hungarian automotive engineer, designer and engineer. He had two children, Louise Piëch and Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche.

He died as a result of stroke.

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Isidor Gunsberg

Isidor Gunsberg (November 1, 1854 Pest, Hungary-May 2, 1930 London) was a Hungarian personality.

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George Mikes

George Mikes (February 15, 1912 Siklós-August 15, 1987 London) was a Hungarian writer and journalist.

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Kálmán Kánya

Kálmán Kánya (November 7, 1869 Sopron-February 28, 1945 Budapest) a.k.a. Kalman Kanya was a Hungarian politician.

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Nicolaus Olahus

Nicolaus Olahus (January 10, 1493 Sibiu-January 14, 1568 Bratislava) was a Hungarian writer.

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Gyula Háy

Gyula Háy (May 5, 1900 Abony-May 7, 1975 Ascona) otherwise known as Gyula Hay or Stefan Faber was a Hungarian writer and screenwriter. He had one child, Peter Hay.

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Éva Novák-Gerard

Éva Novák-Gerard (January 8, 1930 Budapest-June 30, 2005 Brussels) a.k.a. Eva Novak-Gerard was a Hungarian swimmer.

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József Alvinczi

József Alvinczi (February 1, 1735-September 25, 1810 Budapest) was a Hungarian personality.

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Benjamin Wolf Löw

Benjamin Wolf Löw (April 5, 1775-March 6, 1851) also known as Benjamin Wolf Low was a Hungarian personality.

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Imre Makovecz

Imre Makovecz (November 20, 1935 Budapest-September 27, 2011) was a Hungarian architect.

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Sándor Weöres

Sándor Weöres (June 22, 1913 Szombathely-January 22, 1989 Budapest) a.k.a. Sandor Weores or Weöres, Sándor was a Hungarian writer, poet and author.

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Akiva Eger

Akiva Eger (November 8, 1761 Eisenstadt-October 12, 1837 Poznań) was a Hungarian rabbi. He had one child, Samuel Benjamin Sofer.

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József Károly Hell

József Károly Hell (May 15, 1713 Banská Štiavnica-March 11, 1789 Banská Štiavnica) was a Hungarian scientist, inventor and engineer.

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Lajos Czeizler

Lajos Czeizler (October 5, 1893 Heves-May 6, 1969) was a Hungarian personality.

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Nándor Wagner

Nándor Wagner (October 7, 1922-November 15, 1997) was a Hungarian personality.

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Leo Weiner

Leo Weiner (April 16, 1885 Budapest-September 13, 1960 Budapest) was a Hungarian personality.

Discography: Bartók: Hungarian Pictures / Weiner: Hungarian Folkdance Suite / Enescu: Romanian Rhapsodies, Shostakovich: Symphony no. 6 / Kodály: Dances of Galánta / Works by Weiner, Bartók, Kabalevsky, and Glinka and .

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Bertalan Székely

Bertalan Székely (May 8, 1835-August 21, 1910 Budapest) also known as Bertalan Szekely was a Hungarian personality.

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János Mattis-Teutsch

János Mattis-Teutsch (August 13, 1884 Brașov-March 17, 1960 Brașov) also known as János Mátis-Teutsch was a Hungarian journalist.

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Tamás Gábor

Tamás Gábor (April 24, 1932 Budapest-May 6, 2007) also known as Tamas Gabor was a Hungarian personality.

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Eugenio Szabados

Eugenio Szabados (July 3, 1898-March 6, 1974) was a Hungarian personality.

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Elemér Pászti

Elemér Pászti (December 20, 1889 Szolnok-October 27, 1965 Budapest) was a Hungarian personality.

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Amerigo Tot

Amerigo Tot (September 27, 1909 Fehérvárcsurgó-December 13, 1984 Rome) was a Hungarian actor and sculptor.

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Dénes Györgyi

Dénes Györgyi (April 25, 1886 Hungary-November 25, 1961) was a Hungarian architect.

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