Hungarian music stars died at age 78

Here are 22 famous musicians from Hungary died at 78:

Dennis Gabor

Dennis Gabor (June 5, 1900 Budapest-February 8, 1979 London) was a Hungarian physicist, scientist and inventor.

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Nicholas Kaldor

Nicholas Kaldor (May 12, 1908 Budapest-September 30, 1986 Cambridge) was a Hungarian scientist and economist. He had one child, Frances Stewart.

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Jean Schwartz

Jean Schwartz (November 4, 1878 Budapest-November 30, 1956 Los Angeles) also known as Schwartz, Jean was a Hungarian personality.

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Mátyás Rákosi

Mátyás Rákosi (March 9, 1892 Ada-February 5, 1971 Nizhny Novgorod) also known as Matyas Rakosi was a Hungarian politician.

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Joseph Gungl

Joseph Gungl (December 1, 1810 Zsámbék-January 31, 1889 Weimar) was a Hungarian oboist and conductor.

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András Fáy

András Fáy (May 30, 1786 Sečovce-July 26, 1864 Pest, Hungary) also known as Andras Fay was a Hungarian writer, poet and playwright.

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Nándor Dáni

Nándor Dáni (May 30, 1871 Budapest-December 31, 1949 Budapest) also known as Nandor Dani was a Hungarian personality.

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Gladys Vanderbilt Széchenyi

Gladys Vanderbilt Széchenyi (August 27, 1886 Newport-January 29, 1965 Washington, D.C.) also known as Gladys Vanderbilt Szechenyi was a Hungarian personality.

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Lajos Egri

Lajos Egri (June 4, 1888 Eger-April 5, 1967 United States of America) was a Hungarian writer.

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Aaron Chorin

Aaron Chorin (August 3, 1766 Hranice-August 24, 1844 Arad) was a Hungarian personality.

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János Irinyi

János Irinyi (May 17, 1817 Albis-December 17, 1895) otherwise known as Janos Irinyi was a Hungarian chemist.

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Mihály Zichy

Mihály Zichy (October 15, 1827 Zala County-February 28, 1906 Saint Petersburg) a.k.a. Mihaly Zichy was a Hungarian personality.

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Jenő Hubay

Jenő Hubay (September 15, 1858 Pest, Hungary-March 12, 1937 Budapest) also known as Jeno Hubay or Hubay, Jeno was a Hungarian personality.

Discography: The Romantic Violin Concerto, Volume 3: Violin Concerto no. 3, op. 99 / Violin Concerto no. 4 "All' antica", op. 101 / Variations sur un theme hongrois, op. 72, Violin Concertos and The Romantic Violin Concerto, Volume 6: Violin Concerto no. 1, op. 21 "Dramatique" / Violin Concerto no. 2, op. 90 / Suite for Violin and Orchestra, op. 5.

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Sari Biro

Sari Biro (March 24, 1912 Budapest-September 2, 1990) was a Hungarian pianist.

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Géza Ottlik

Géza Ottlik (May 9, 1912 Budapest-October 9, 1990 Budapest) also known as Geza Ottlik was a Hungarian writer and mathematician.

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Franz Polgar

Franz Polgar (April 18, 1900-April 5, 1979) was a Hungarian magician and psychologist.

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Sándor Kopácsi

Sándor Kopácsi (March 5, 1922 Miskolc-March 2, 2001) was a Hungarian personality.

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Rudolf Kárpáti

Rudolf Kárpáti (July 17, 1920 Budapest-February 1, 1999 Budapest) also known as Rudolf Karpati was a Hungarian personality.

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Lars Ernster

Lars Ernster (May 4, 1920 Hungary-November 4, 1998) was a Hungarian professor and writer.

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Pál Szalai

Pál Szalai (September 3, 1915 Budapest-January 16, 1994 Los Angeles) was a Hungarian personality.

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Frigyes Hidas

Frigyes Hidas (May 25, 1928 Budapest-March 7, 2007) was a Hungarian personality.

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Sándor Szomori

Sándor Szomori (November 6, 1910-October 27, 1989) was a Hungarian personality.

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