Hungarian music stars died at age 80

Here are 24 famous musicians from Hungary died at 80:

Paul Lukas

Paul Lukas (May 26, 1891 Budapest-August 15, 1971 Tangier) a.k.a. Pál Lukács, Pál Lukács, Lukács Pál or Paul Lukacs was a Hungarian actor.

He died caused by cardiovascular disease.

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Gisela of Hungary

Gisela of Hungary (April 5, 0985 Bad Abbach-May 7, 1065 Passau) was a Hungarian personality. She had one child, Saint Emeric of Hungary.

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Ephraim Kishon

Ephraim Kishon (August 23, 1924 Budapest-January 29, 2005 Appenzell) also known as Ephraim. Kishon or Ferenc Hoffmann was a Hungarian writer, screenwriter, film director, film producer, actor and playwright. His children are Rafael Kishon, Amir Kishon and Renana Kishon.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Ferenc Mádl

Ferenc Mádl (January 29, 1931 Bánd-May 29, 2011 Budapest) a.k.a. Ferenc Madl was a Hungarian politician.

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István Bittó

István Bittó (May 3, 1822 Blatná na Ostrove-March 7, 1903 Budapest) also known as Istvan Bitto was a Hungarian personality.

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Gusztáv Sebes

Gusztáv Sebes (January 22, 1906 Budapest-January 30, 1986 Budapest) otherwise known as Gusztav Sebes was a Hungarian personality.

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Annie Fischer

Annie Fischer (July 5, 1914 Budapest-April 10, 1995 Budapest) a.k.a. Fischer, Annie was a Hungarian pianist.

Her albums include Complete Piano Sonatas, Volume 9, Complete Piano Sonatas, Volume 8, Piano Concerti nos. 21 and 22 and Complete Piano Sonatas, Volume 3.

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István Nyers

István Nyers (May 25, 1924 Freyming-Merlebach-March 9, 2005 Subotica) a.k.a. Istvan Nyers was a Hungarian personality.

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Gyula Illyés

Gyula Illyés (November 2, 1902 Sárszentlőrinc-April 15, 1983 Budapest) a.k.a. Gyula Illyes or Illyés, Gyula was a Hungarian writer, poet, novelist, essayist and playwright. His child is Maria Illyés.

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Pál Csernai

Pál Csernai (October 21, 1932 Pilis-September 1, 2013 Budapest) also known as Pal Csernai was a Hungarian personality.

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György Sárosi

György Sárosi (August 5, 1912 Budapest-June 20, 1993 Genoa) also known as Gyorgy Sarosi was a Hungarian personality.

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Pál Titkos

Pál Titkos (January 8, 1908 Austria-Hungary-October 9, 1988 Budapest) also known as Pal Titkos was a Hungarian personality.

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Géza Füster

Géza Füster (February 19, 1910 Budapest-April 5, 1990) a.k.a. Geza Fuster was a Hungarian personality.

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Lajos Kassák

Lajos Kassák (March 21, 1887 Nové Zámky-July 22, 1967 Budapest) a.k.a. Lajos Kassak was a Hungarian writer.

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Ernő Gereben

Ernő Gereben (June 18, 1907-April 5, 1988) also known as Erno Gereben was a Hungarian personality.

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Elemér Somfay

Elemér Somfay (August 28, 1898 Budapest-May 15, 1979) a.k.a. Elemer Somfay was a Hungarian personality.

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Gyula Kluger

Gyula Kluger (January 15, 1914 Sátoraljaújhely-September 23, 1994 Budapest) was a Hungarian personality.

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Richard Ryen

Richard Ryen (September 13, 1885 Hungary-December 22, 1965 Los Angeles) also known as Richard Anton Robert Felix Revy, Richard Ryan, Richard Révy, Richard Anton Robert Felix or Richard Revy was a Hungarian actor, writer and theatre director.

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Géza Képes

Géza Képes (February 1, 1909 Mátészalka-August 19, 1989) was a Hungarian personality.

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Sándor Cséfai

Sándor Cséfai (July 13, 1904 Budapest-September 2, 1984 Budapest) was a Hungarian personality.

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László Rédei

László Rédei (November 15, 1900-November 21, 1980 Budapest) also known as L. Rédei was a Hungarian mathematician.

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László Somogyi

László Somogyi (June 25, 1907 Hungary-May 20, 1988) was a Hungarian conductor.

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George de Hevesy

George de Hevesy (August 1, 1885 Budapest-July 5, 1966 Freiburg im Breisgau) was a Hungarian scientist, chemist and inventor.

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John Harsanyi

John Harsanyi (May 29, 1920 Budapest-August 9, 2000 Berkeley) otherwise known as John Charles Harsanyi or John C Harsanyi was a Hungarian economist.

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