Indian movie stars died at 35

Here are 4 famous actors from India died at 35:

Shankar Nag

Shankar Nag (November 9, 1954 Honnavar-September 30, 1990 Davangere) a.k.a. Shankar Nagarkatti, Auto Raja, Karate King, Shankar Anna, Shankar Nagarkatte or Shankar Nagarakatte was an Indian actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer. He had one child, Kavya Nag.

He died caused by traffic collision.

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Y. G. Parthasarathy

Y. G. Parthasarathy (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1980) a.k.a. Yechan Gunja Parthasarathy or Y.G.P. was an Indian playwright and actor. He had one child, Y. G. Mahendra.

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Raju Ananthaswamy

Raju Ananthaswamy (April 19, 1973-January 17, 2009 Bangalore) also known as Raju Ananthaswami was an Indian actor, playback singer, composer, music director and singer.

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P. U. Chinnappa

P. U. Chinnappa (May 5, 1916 Pudukkottai state-September 23, 1951 Chennai) also known as Pudukkottai Ulaganathan Pillai Chinnappa, Pudukottai Ulaganathan Chinnaswamy Pillai, Pudukottai Ulaganathan Chinnappa or Nadigar Mannar was an Indian actor and singer. He had one child, P. U. C. Raja Bahadur.

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