Indian movie stars died at 68

Here are 9 famous actors from India died at 68:

Ismail Merchant

Ismail Merchant (December 25, 1936 Mumbai-May 25, 2005 City of Westminster) also known as Ismail Noormohamed Abdul Rehman was an Indian film director, film producer, actor, author and screenwriter.

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Major Sundarrajan

Major Sundarrajan (March 1, 1935 Periyakulam-March 1, 2003 Chennai) also known as Major Sundararajan, Sunderrajan, Major Sundarrajan, 'Major' Sundarrajan, Sundarrajan or 'मेजर' सुन्द्रराजन was an Indian actor, film director and screenwriter.

He died caused by natural causes.

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Raja Paranjape

Raja Paranjape (April 24, 1910 Miraj-February 9, 1979 Pune) a.k.a. Rajabhau Dattatraya Paranjpe, Paranjpe or Raja Paranjpe was an Indian film director and actor.

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Manmohan Krishna

Manmohan Krishna (February 26, 1922 Lahore-November 3, 1990 Mumbai) a.k.a. Man Mohan Krishna, Manmohan, Manmohan Krishin, Manmohan Krishen, Manmohan Krishan, Manmohankrishan, M.M. Krishna or Man Mohan was an Indian actor and film director. He had one child, Nitin Manmohan.

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Anup Kumar

Anup Kumar (June 17, 1930 Kolkata-September 3, 1998 Kolkata) also known as Satyen Das, Anup Kumar Das, Master Anup or Anup Das was an Indian actor.

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Thoppil Bhasi

Thoppil Bhasi (April 8, 1924 Vallikunnam-December 8, 1992) otherwise known as Soman or Thoppil Bhaskara Pillai was an Indian playwright, film director, screenwriter and actor. He had five children, Ajayan, Soman Bhasi, Rajan Bhasi, Suresh Bhasi and Mala Bhasi.

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Thomas Heathcote

Thomas Heathcote (September 9, 1917 Shimla-January 5, 1986 London) also known as Tom Heathcote was an Indian actor.

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Tal Ordell

Tal Ordell (April 5, 1880 Kolkata-June 8, 1948 Waverley) also known as Talone Ordell, William Ordell Raymond Buntine or Tal Ordel was an Indian actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer and radio writer. He had one child, Robin Ordell.

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Ottapalam Pappan

Ottapalam Pappan (June 15, 1945 Ottapalam-July 25, 2013) also known as N. P. Padmanabhan was an Indian actor. His children are called Dheeraj and Sarath.

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