Indian movie stars born in 1930

Here are 5 famous actresses from India were born in 1930:

Geeta Dutt

Geeta Dutt (November 23, 1930 Faridpur District-July 20, 1972 Mumbai) also known as Dutt, Geeta, Gita Dutt, Geeta, Gita, Geeta Roy, Gita Roy, Geeta Ghosh Roy Chowdhury, Geetā Ghosh Roy Chowdhuri or Gita Datta was an Indian singer and actor. Her children are called Arun Dutt, Tarun Dutt and Nina Dutt.


Kamaladevi (February 4, 1930 Chittoor-) also known as Kamala Chandrababu is an Indian actor.


Lalitha (December 16, 1930 Thiruvananthapuram-November 5, 1982) was an Indian actor and film producer.

T. G. Kamala Devi

T. G. Kamala Devi (December 29, 1930 Karvetinagar-August 16, 2012 Chennai) also known as Govindamma, Thota Govindamma, T G Kamala Devi, Kamala Chandra Babu or Kamala Devi T.G. was an Indian actor. Her child is called Avula Jaychander.


Rajyalakshmi (June 2, 1930 Cherpulassery-January 18, 1965) also known as Rajalakshmi, Rajlakshmi, Rajyalakshmi Devi or T. A. Rajalakshmi was an Indian actor, writer, poet and teacher.

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