Indian movie stars died at 72

Here are 3 famous actresses from India died at 72:

K. B. Sundarambal

K. B. Sundarambal (October 11, 1908 Kodumudi-October 15, 1980 Chennai) also known as Kodumudi Balambal Sundarambal was an Indian singer and actor.

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Sukumari (October 6, 1940 Nagercoil-March 26, 2013 Chennai) a.k.a. Padmashri Sukumari was an Indian actor, singer and dancer. She had one child, Dr. Suresh Bhimsingh.

She died as a result of cardiac arrest.

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Janaki Ramachandran

Janaki Ramachandran (November 30, 1923 Vaikom-May 19, 1996 Chennai) also known as V. N. Janaki was an Indian politician and actor. She had one child, Surendran Ramachandran.

She died in cardiac arrest.

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