Indian movie stars died in 2009

Here are 8 famous actresses from India died in 2009:

Leela Naidu

Leela Naidu (November 27, 2014 Mumbai-July 28, 2009 Mumbai) was an Indian actor. She had two children, Maya Oberoi and Priya Oberoi.

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Simple Kapadia

Simple Kapadia (August 15, 1958 Edinburgh-November 10, 2009 Andheri) also known as Simple Kapadiya or Simple was an Indian actor, model and costume designer.

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Bina Rai

Bina Rai (June 4, 1931 India-December 6, 2009 Mumbai) also known as Krishna Sarin, Beena Roy or Bina Rai Nath was an Indian actor. She had two children, Prem Krishen and Monty Nath.

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S. Varalakshmi

S. Varalakshmi (August 13, 1925 Jaggampeta-September 22, 2009 Chennai) also known as Varalakshmi S., S. Varalaxmi, Saridey Varalakshmi or S.Varalakshmi was an Indian actor and singer. She had one child, S. Murugan.

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Adoor Bhavani

Adoor Bhavani (November 27, 2014 Adoor-October 25, 2009 Adoor) also known as Adoor Bhawani or Bhavani was an Indian actor. She had one child, Rajeev.

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Nirmalamma (November 27, 2014 Machilipatnam-February 19, 2009 Hyderabad) also known as Rajamani was an Indian actor and film producer.

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Gita Ghatak

Gita Ghatak (January 23, 1931-November 17, 2009 Kolkata) otherwise known as Geeta Ghatak was an Indian actor and singer.

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Uma Anand

Uma Anand (November 27, 2014 Lahore-November 13, 2009) was an Indian journalist, actor, broadcaster and writer. She had two children, Ketan Anand and Vivek Anand.

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