Indian musicians born in 1925

Here are 9 famous musicians from India were born in 1925:

A. B. Raj

A. B. Raj (April 21, 1925 Alappuzha-) is an Indian film director. His child is called Saranya Ponvannan.

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T. Ranganathan

T. Ranganathan (March 13, 1925 Chennai-December 22, 1987) a.k.a. Tanjore Ranganathan was an Indian musician. He had two children, Arun Ranganathan and Suddhama Ranganathan.

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Bimalendu Mukherjee

Bimalendu Mukherjee (January 2, 1925-) is an Indian , .

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Ritwik Ghatak

Ritwik Ghatak (November 4, 1925 Dhaka-February 6, 1976 Kolkata) also known as Ritwik Kumar Ghatak, Ritwick Ghatak or Shri Ritwik Kumar Ghatak was an Indian writer, screenwriter, actor, film director, film producer and film score composer. He had three children, Ritaban Ghatak, Samhita Ghatak and Suchismita Ghatak.

Genres he performed: Film score.

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Shobha Gurtu

Shobha Gurtu (February 8, 1925 Belgaum-September 27, 2004 Mumbai) a.k.a. Gurtu, Shobha was an Indian singer. She had one child, Trilok Gurtu.

Discography: Saptarishi. Her related genres: Hindustani classical music.

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S. Mohinder

S. Mohinder (September 8, 1925 Sillanwali-) also known as Mohinder Singh Sarna, S. Mohindera, S. Mahendra, S. Mohindar or Mohinder Singh is an Indian film score composer. He has three children, Nareen Chopra, Resham Sethi and Sathinder Paul Singh.

His related genres: Film score.

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Vijay Raghav Rao

Vijay Raghav Rao (November 3, 1925 Chennai-November 30, 2011) a.k.a. Rao, Vijay Raghav, Vijay Raghava Rao, Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao or Vijaya Raghava Rao was an Indian film score composer.

His albums include Flute And Sitar Music Of India.

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M. B. Sreenivasan

M. B. Sreenivasan (September 19, 1925 Chittoor-March 9, 1988 Lakshadweep) also known as MBS, Manamadurai Balakrishnan Srinivasan, M.B. Srinivasan or Srinivasan, M.B. was an Indian film score composer and actor.

Genres he performed include Film score.

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Kashinath Mukherjee

Kashinath Mukherjee (January 9, 1925 Kolkata-) is an Indian , .

Genres: Hindustani classical music.

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