Indian musicians born in 1969

Here are 13 famous musicians from India were born in 1969:

Bobby Deol

Bobby Deol (January 27, 1969 Mumbai-) also known as Vijay Singh Dharmendra Deol, Vijay Singh Deol, Vijaysingh Dharmendra Deol or Bobby Junior Dharmendra is an Indian actor. He has two children, Aryaman Deol and Dharam Deol.

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Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan (April 2, 1969 New Delhi-) also known as Devgan, Ajay, Ajay Devgn, Master Chotu, Vishal Veeru Devgan or Vishal Devgan is an Indian actor, film producer and film director. He has two children, Nysa Devgan and Yug Devgan.

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Nandita Das

Nandita Das (November 7, 1969 Mumbai-) also known as Das, Nandita is an Indian actor, film director, screenwriter and philanthropist. Her child is called Vihaan Maskara.

Her discography includes: The Wonder Pets.

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Wasifuddin Dagar

Wasifuddin Dagar (April 15, 1969-) is an Indian singer.

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Wajahat Khan

Wajahat Khan (May 10, 1969 Kolkata-) is an Indian , .

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T. V. Ramprasadh

T. V. Ramprasadh (May 13, 1969 Mumbai-) also known as Tv ramprasadh or T.V. Ramprasadh is an Indian , .

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Upalappu Srinivas

Upalappu Srinivas (February 28, 1969 Palakollu-September 19, 2014 Chennai) a.k.a. Srinivas, Upalappu, Mandolin U. Srinivas or Mandolin Srinivas was an Indian composer and musician. His child is Sai Krishna.

His albums include Rama Sreerama, Classical Instrumental, Mandolin Melodies, Jamshedpur 1992, Ilaiyaraaja's Classics, Sangam: Michael Nyman Meets Indian Masters, Dream, Classical Encounter - A Live Experience With Mandolin Vidvan Maestro U. Srinivas - Vol -3 and . Genres he performed: Carnatic music and Indian classical music.

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Sukhbir (November 9, 1969 Jalandhar-) is an Indian singer.

His albums include Dil Kare and Hai Energy. Genres he performed include Bhangra.

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Sharreth (October 3, 1969 Kollam-) a.k.a. Sharath, Sujith Vasudevan I, SHARRETH, P. Sarath, Sarath or Sujith Vasudevan I. is an Indian playback singer, film score composer, music director and singer.

His albums include 180 and Thirakkatha. Genres: Film score.

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Dayanand Prajapati

Dayanand Prajapati (June 30, 1969 India-) is an Indian , .

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S. Sowmya

S. Sowmya (April 16, 1969-) also known as Sowmya, S., Sowmya or Soumya is an Indian singer.

Her albums: Gems of Dikshitar, and . Genres: Carnatic music.

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Shweta Shetty

Shweta Shetty (June 20, 1969 Mumbai-) also known as Sheweta Shetty, Shweta or Shetty, Shweta is an Indian singer.

Genres: Indian pop.

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Sanjeev Abhyankar

Sanjeev Abhyankar (October 5, 1969 Pune-) otherwise known as Abhyankar, Sanjeev is an Indian singer and playback singer.

His albums: , Soaring Heights, , Arpan - Divine Surrender, , Vocal Classical and . Genres: Thumri and Khyal.

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