Indonesian movie actors born in the year 1971

Here are 6 famous actors from Indonesia were born in 1971:

Lukman Sardi

Lukman Sardi (July 14, 1971 Jakarta-) a.k.a. Memet is an Indonesian actor. He has one child, Akiva Dishan Ranu Sardi.

Asrul Dahlan

Asrul Dahlan (February 15, 1971 Indonesia-) is an Indonesian actor. His child is called Nona Rachel Aisyah.

Kaidy Kuna

Kaidy Kuna (June 2, 1971 Jakarta-) also known as Kai Kuna is an Indonesian actor.

Alvin Adam

Alvin Adam (June 16, 1971 Medan-) is an Indonesian presenter and actor.

Jeremy Thomas

Jeremy Thomas (July 31, 1971 Pekanbaru-) is an Indonesian actor and model. He has two children, Axel Matthew Thomas and Valerie Teresa Thomas.


Nugie (August 31, 1971 Jakarta-) is an Indonesian actor and musician. He has one child, Arkazora Nugraha.

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