Indonesian musicians died when they were 51

Here are 5 famous musicians from Indonesia died at 51:


Musso (April 5, 1897 Kediri Kingdom-October 31, 1948) was an Indonesian politician.

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Basuki (March 5, 1956 Surakarta-December 12, 2007 Jakarta) also known as Agus Basuki Bin Suwito Hadiwiryono was an Indonesian comedian and actor.

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Elfa Secioria

Elfa Secioria (February 20, 1959 Garut-January 8, 2011 Jakarta) also known as Elfa Secioria Hasbullah was an Indonesian composer and film score composer. His children are called Hariza Ivan Camille, Raisa Ivan Cavell, Cesyl Athaya Fauziyya and Cheryl Lunetta Salsabiila.

He died caused by renal failure.

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Broery (June 25, 1948 Ambon, Maluku-April 7, 2000 Cinere) also known as Broery Marantika, Broery Pesulima, Simon Dominggus Pesulima or Broery Abdullah was an Indonesian singer, musician, actor and composer.

His discography includes: .

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Tonny Koeswoyo

Tonny Koeswoyo (January 19, 1936 Tuban-March 27, 1987 Jakarta) a.k.a. Koestono "Tonny" Koeswoyo or Koestono Koeswoyo was an Indonesian musician, singer-songwriter, artist and music artist.

Genres: Rock music and Pop music.

He died caused by colorectal cancer.

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