Iranian actors born in 1951

Here are 5 famous actors from Iran were born in 1951:

Reza Kianian

Reza Kianian (June 19, 1951 Tehran-) a.k.a. رضا کیانیان is an Iranian actor, author, painter and sculptor.

Mahmoud Kalari

Mahmoud Kalari (April 30, 1951 Tehran-) is an Iranian cinematographer, photographer, actor, film director and screenwriter.

Farrokh Nemati

Farrokh Nemati (November 23, 1951 Tehran-) a.k.a. Farokh Nemati is an Iranian actor.

Jamshid Heydari

Jamshid Heydari (March 28, 1951 Shiraz-) is an Iranian film director, film producer, screenwriter and actor.

Aramazd Stepanian

Aramazd Stepanian (October 11, 1951 Abadan, Iran-) is an Iranian actor, film producer and playwright.

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