Iranian music stars died at age 27

Here are 4 famous musicians from Iran died at 27:

Qolamhossein Bigjekhani

Qolamhossein Bigjekhani (April 5, 2015 Tabriz-April 13, 1987) was an Iranian personality.

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Mehdi Hashemi

Mehdi Hashemi (April 5, 2015 Isfahan-September 28, 1987) was an Iranian politician.

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Abbas Nalbandian

Abbas Nalbandian (April 5, 2015-May 28, 1987) was an Iranian playwright and screenwriter.

He died caused by suicide.

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Abdolmalek Rigi

Abdolmalek Rigi (April 5, 1983 Sistan and Baluchestan Province-June 20, 2010 Evin Prison) a.k.a. Abdolmajid Rigi, Abdul-Malek Rigi, Abdulmalik Rigi or Abdolmalek was an Iranian personality.

He died as a result of hanging.

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