Iranian music stars died at age 31

Here are 6 famous musicians from Iran died at 31:

Farzad Bazoft

Farzad Bazoft (May 22, 1958 Iran-March 15, 1990) was an Iranian journalist.

He died caused by hanging.

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Leila Pahlavi

Leila Pahlavi (March 27, 1970 Tehran-June 10, 2001 London) a.k.a. Princess Leila Pahlavi, Princess Leila, Princess of Iran or Leila was an Iranian personality.

She died caused by suicide.

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Abbas Doran

Abbas Doran (October 22, 1950 Shiraz-July 1, 1982 Baghdad) was an Iranian personality.

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Mohammad Boroujerdi

Mohammad Boroujerdi (April 5, 2015 Iran-May 22, 1983 Kurdistan Province) was an Iranian personality.

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André Hossein

André Hossein (April 5, 2015 Samarkand-August 9, 1983 Paris) also known as Andre Hossein, A. Hossein, André Gosselain, Aminoullah Husseinov or Aminollah Hossein was an Iranian film score composer and composer. He had one child, Robert Hossein.

His discography includes: Toi le venin / Le Vampire de Düsseldorf, J'ai tué Raspoutine, Bandes originales des films de Robert Hossein, Les Misérables and .

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Seyed Karim Amiri Firuzkuhi

Seyed Karim Amiri Firuzkuhi (April 5, 2015 Farahabad, Tehran-April 5, 1984 Tehran) was an Iranian personality. He had one child, Amir Banoo Karimi.

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