Iranian music stars died at age 34

Here are 3 famous musicians from Iran died at 34:

Parvin E'tesami

Parvin E'tesami (March 16, 1907 Tabriz-April 5, 1941 Qom) was an Iranian writer and poet.

She died in typhoid fever.

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Shahriar Shafiq

Shahriar Shafiq (March 15, 1945 Rabat-December 7, 1979 Paris) was an Iranian politician and military officer. He had two children, Prince Nader Shafiq and Prince Dara Shafiq.

He died caused by firearm.

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Poopak Goldarreh

Poopak Goldarreh (July 30, 1971 Tehran-April 16, 2006 Tehran) was an Iranian actor.

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