Iranian music stars died at age 52

Here are 5 famous musicians from Iran died at 52:

Mohammad Farrokhi Yazdi

Mohammad Farrokhi Yazdi (April 5, 1887 Yazd-October 18, 1939) a.k.a. Farrokhi Yazdi or Mirza Mohammad Farrokhi Yazdi was an Iranian politician.

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Ali Hatami

Ali Hatami (August 14, 1944 Tehran-December 7, 1996 Tehran) a.k.a. Abbas Ali Hatami was an Iranian screenwriter, film director, film art director and costume designer. His child is Leila Hatami.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Kaveh Golestan

Kaveh Golestan (July 8, 1950 Tehran-April 2, 2003 Kifri) also known as Kāveh Golestān Taghavi Shirazi or کاوه گلستان was an Iranian journalist, photographer, cinematographer, artist and visual artist. He had one child, Reveal.

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Forough Azarakhshi

Forough Azarakhshi (April 5, 2015-April 5, 1963) was an Iranian personality.

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Hoda Saber

Hoda Saber (March 19, 1959 Tehran-June 10, 2011 Tehran) was an Iranian journalist.

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