Iranian music stars died at age 75

Here are 4 famous musicians from Iran died at 75:

Ahmad Matin-Daftari

Ahmad Matin-Daftari (April 5, 1896 Tehran-April 5, 1971 Tehran) was an Iranian politician.

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Abbas Zaryab

Abbas Zaryab (August 13, 1919 West Azerbaijan Province-February 3, 1995 Tehran) was an Iranian writer, historian, educator, author and translator.

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Abū Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī

Abū Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī (September 5, 0973 Khwarezm-December 13, 1048 Ghazni) also known as Alberonius, Al Bayrooni, Al Beruni, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad Bīrūnī, Abū al-Rayḥān Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad al-Bīrūnī, Abū Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī, Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Al-Bayrouni or Al-Biruni was an Iranian mathematician, physicist, chemist, philosopher, astronomer, linguist, historian, scholar, anthropologist and author.

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Seyed Kazem Ghiyassian

Seyed Kazem Ghiyassian (February 3, 1940 Mashhad-April 5, 2015) was an Iranian personality.

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