Irish actors died at age 76

Here are 6 famous actors from Republic of Ireland died at 76:

Creighton Hale

Creighton Hale (May 24, 1889 County Cork-August 9, 1965 South Pasadena) a.k.a. Patrick Hale FitzGerald, Patrick Fitzgerald or Patrick Creighton Hale FitzGerald Senior was an Irish actor. He had two children, Creighton Hale Jr. and Robert Lowe Hale.

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Edmund Duggan

Edmund Duggan (April 5, 1862-August 2, 1938) was an Irish writer and actor.

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Charles B. Fitzsimons

Charles B. Fitzsimons (May 8, 1924 Ranelagh-February 14, 2001 Los Angeles) also known as Charles Fitz Simons, Charles B. FitzSimons, Charlie, Charles FitzSimons or Charles Fitzsimmons was an Irish film producer, actor and television producer. He had two children, Charles F. FitzSimons and Jaime FitzSimons.

He died in liver failure.

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Joe Lynch

Joe Lynch (July 16, 1925 Mallow, County Cork-August 1, 2001 Alicante) also known as Joseph Laurence Lynch or Joseph Laurence 'Joe' Lynch was an Irish actor. He had three children, Emmy Lynch, Marcus Lynch and Linda Lynch.

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Liam Redmond

Liam Redmond (July 27, 1913 Limerick-October 31, 1989 Dublin) was an Irish actor.

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Shay Gorman

Shay Gorman (April 18, 1923 Dublin-April 19, 1999 London) was an Irish actor.

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