Irish actors died in Stroke

Here are 4 famous actors from Republic of Ireland died in Stroke:

Peter Caffrey

Peter Caffrey (April 18, 1949 Dublin-January 1, 2008 Manchester) a.k.a. Peter Desmond Caffrey, Peter Caffery or Peter Caffey was an Irish actor.

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Eddie Byrne

Eddie Byrne (January 31, 1911 Birmingham-August 21, 1981 Dublin) was an Irish actor. He had one child, Catherine Byrne.

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Dudley Digges

Dudley Digges (June 9, 1879 Dublin-October 24, 1947 New York City) a.k.a. Dudley Diggs was an Irish actor.

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Norman Rodway

Norman Rodway (February 7, 1929 Dublin-March 13, 2001 London) was an Irish actor, accountant, teacher and professor. He had one child, Bianca Rodway.

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