Irish actresses born in 1983

Here are 8 famous actresses from Republic of Ireland were born in 1983:

Carly Smithson

Carly Smithson (September 12, 1983 Dublin-) also known as Carly Sarah Hennessy or Carly Hennessy is an Irish singer-songwriter, singer and actor.

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Kerry Condon

Kerry Condon (January 9, 1983 Thurles-) is an Irish actor.

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Katie McGrath

Katie McGrath (October 24, 1983 Ashford, County Wicklow-) a.k.a. Katherine McGrath, Katherine Elizabeth McGrath or Katherine "Katie" Elizabeth McGrath is an Irish actor, journalist, makeup artist and model.

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Samantha Mumba

Samantha Mumba (January 18, 1983 Dublin-) otherwise known as Samantha Munba, Samantha Tamania Anne Cecilia Mumba, Mumba, Samantha, Sam or Samantha Tamanya Anne Cecelia Mumba is an Irish singer, songwriter, actor and model.

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Tara Leniston

Tara Leniston (May 1, 1983 Crawley-) otherwise known as Tara Louise Leniston is an Irish actor, presenter and model.

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Joanne King

Joanne King (April 20, 1983 Dublin-) is an Irish actor.

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Adrienne McQueen

Adrienne McQueen (June 16, 1983 Frankfurt-) is an Irish actor and film producer.

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Lorelei Mahoney

Lorelei Mahoney (November 17, 1983 Lancaster-) also known as Ellana Lorelei Cassandra Montgomery, Elana Kassan, Ella, Effie, Elana Fiona Kavanaugh, Cassandra Ray Hawks, Rory Mahoney, Cassandra Kassan, Lorelei Hernandez or Lorelei Montgomery is an Irish musician, actor, model, writer, screenwriter and businessperson. She has one child, Sophia Kassan.

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