Irish actresses died in 2009

Here are 4 famous actresses from Republic of Ireland died in 2009:

Anna Manahan

Anna Manahan (October 18, 1924 County Waterford-March 8, 2009 Waterford) also known as Anna Maria Manahan was an Irish actor and voice actor.

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Joan Turner

Joan Turner (November 24, 1922 Belfast-March 1, 2009 Banstead) also known as Joan Teresa Turner was an Irish singer, actor and comedian.

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Joan Brosnan Walsh

Joan Brosnan Walsh (June 29, 1938 Greystones-December 21, 2009 Ireland) was an Irish costume designer and actor. She had three children, Helen, Ruth and Ingrid.

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Beverley O'Sullivan

Beverley O'Sullivan (January 16, 1981 Donaghmede-November 2, 2009 Bharatpur) was an Irish singer, musician and actor.

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