Irish music stars died at age 55

Here are 10 famous musicians from Republic of Ireland died at 55:

Mattie Clarke

Mattie Clarke (April 5, 2015-January 6, 1960) was an Irish personality.

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Andy McEvoy

Andy McEvoy (July 15, 1938 Dublin-May 7, 1994) was an Irish personality.

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Paddy Duncan

Paddy Duncan (April 5, 1894 Republic of Ireland-April 9, 1949) was an Irish personality.

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Bob Carlos Clarke

Bob Carlos Clarke (June 24, 1950 Cork-March 25, 2006 London) was an Irish photographer.

He died caused by suicide.

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Sean Lawlor

Sean Lawlor (January 25, 1954 Dublin-October 10, 2009 Dublin) also known as Seán Lawlor was an Irish actor and playwright.

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William Henry Harvey

William Henry Harvey (February 5, 1811 Limerick-May 15, 1866 Torquay) was an Irish botanist.

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Somerset Butler, 1st Earl of Carrick

Somerset Butler, 1st Earl of Carrick (September 6, 1718-April 15, 1774) also known as The Viscount Ikerrin, Somerset Butler, Somerset Hamilton Butler or 1st Earl of Carrick was an Irish personality. He had five children, Henry Butler, 2nd Earl of Carrick, Hon. James Butler, Lady Margaret Butler, Lady Henrietta Butler and Pierce Butler-Cooper.

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Patrick Swift

Patrick Swift (August 12, 1927 Dublin-July 19, 1983 Algarve) was an Irish artist and visual artist.

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Donagh MacDonagh

Donagh MacDonagh (November 22, 1912 Dublin-January 1, 1968 Dublin) was an Irish judge and writer.

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Hans Moore

Hans Moore (March 31, 1834 Carlingford, County Louth-October 6, 1889 Lough Derg) was an Irish soldier.

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