Irish music stars died at age 65

Here are 13 famous musicians from Republic of Ireland died at 65:

Elisha Scott

Elisha Scott (August 24, 1893 Belfast-May 16, 1959) was an Irish personality.

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Tommy Morrison

Tommy Morrison (December 16, 1874 Belfast-March 26, 1940) was an Irish personality.

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Edward Ernest Bowen

Edward Ernest Bowen (March 30, 1836 County Wicklow-April 8, 1901 Moux) was an Irish personality.

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William Allingham

William Allingham (March 19, 1824 Ballyshannon-November 18, 1889 Hampstead) was an Irish personality.

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Seán McCool

Seán McCool was an Irish personality.

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James Vincent Murphy

James Vincent Murphy (July 7, 1880 Innishannon-July 5, 1946 Bishop's Stortford) was an Irish personality.

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Frank McMahon

Frank McMahon (September 20, 1919 New York-December 22, 1984 Howth) was an Irish author and playwright.

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Jimmy O'Dea

Jimmy O'Dea (April 26, 1899 Dublin-January 7, 1965 Dublin) also known as O'Dea or James Augustine "Jimmy" O'Dea was an Irish actor.

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Jack Doyle

Jack Doyle (August 31, 1913 Cobh-December 13, 1978 Paddington) also known as The Gorgeous Gael, Joseph Alphonsus Doyle or The Singing Boxer was an Irish singer, actor and professional boxer.

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John Flanagan

John Flanagan (January 9, 1873 Ireland-June 3, 1938 Kilmallock) a.k.a. John Joseph Flanagan was an Irish athlete and police officer.

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James Ragen

James Ragen (April 5, 1881-August 15, 1946) otherwise known as James Matthew Ragen, Sr. was an Irish businessperson.

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Charles Haines

Charles Haines was an Irish clergy and priest.

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James Farrell

James Farrell (November 26, 1803 Longford-April 26, 1869) was an Irish priest.

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