Irish music stars died at age 66

Here are 8 famous musicians from Republic of Ireland died at 66:

Jackie O'Driscoll

Jackie O'Driscoll (September 20, 1921 Cork-April 5, 1988) was an Irish personality.

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Jimmy Rudd

Jimmy Rudd (October 25, 1919 Dublin-December 8, 1985) was an Irish personality.

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Audley Archdall

Audley Archdall (June 6, 1826-February 27, 1893 Gloucestershire) was an Irish personality.

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Andy Kennedy

Andy Kennedy (September 1, 1897 Belfast-December 1, 1963) was an Irish personality.

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William J. Butler

William J. Butler (April 5, 1860 Ireland-January 27, 1927 New York City) a.k.a. William Butler, W. J. Butler, W.J. Butler or W.J.Butler was an Irish actor and screenwriter. He had one child, Lawrence W. Butler.

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Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy (October 29, 1924 Carrick-on-Suir-November 7, 1990 Cork City) also known as Clancy, Tom was an Irish singer and actor.

Genres related to him: Folk music.

He died in stomach cancer.

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Kitty McShane

Kitty McShane (May 19, 1897 Dublin-March 24, 1964 London) also known as Kathleen McShane, Catherine McShane, McShane or Kathleen "Kitty" McShane was an Irish actor. Her child is Donald Daniel Towle.

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Barry Raftery

Barry Raftery (August 16, 1944-August 22, 2010 Dublin) was an Irish archaeologist and author.

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