Irish music stars died at age 67

Here are 17 famous musicians from Republic of Ireland died at 67:

Bill Gorman

Bill Gorman (July 13, 1911 County Sligo-December 1, 1978 Bury) was an Irish personality.

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Tommy McConville

Tommy McConville (March 19, 1946 Dundalk-October 25, 2013) was an Irish personality.

He died as a result of disease.

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John Joe McGirl

John Joe McGirl (March 25, 1921 Ballinamore-December 8, 1988) was an Irish politician.

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Patrick Bedford

Patrick Bedford (May 30, 1932 Dublin-November 20, 1999 New York City) otherwise known as Patrick Alexander Bedford or Paddy Bedford was an Irish actor.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Cedric Gibbons

Cedric Gibbons (March 23, 1893 Dublin-July 26, 1960 Hollywood) a.k.a. Austin Cedric Gibbons was an Irish film art director, set decorator and production designer.

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John Strange Spencer-Churchill

John Strange Spencer-Churchill (February 4, 1880 Phoenix Park-February 23, 1947 United Kingdom) also known as John Strange "Jack" Spencer-Churchill, Major John Strange "Jack" Spencer-Churchill, DSO, TD, Major John Strange "Jack" Spencer-Churchill or Jack Spencer-Churchill was an Irish businessperson and military officer. He had three children, Clarissa Eden, John Spencer-Churchill and Henry Winston Peregrine Spencer-Churchill.

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Kathleen O'Regan

Kathleen O'Regan (November 11, 1903 Republic of Ireland-December 10, 1970) also known as Kathleen O'Reegan was an Irish actor.

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Maire O'Neill

Maire O'Neill (January 12, 1885 Dublin-November 2, 1952 Basingstoke) a.k.a. Molly Allgood, "Molly" or Mary Allgood was an Irish actor.

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W. Graham Brown

W. Graham Brown (January 1, 1870 Ireland-March 11, 1937 London) otherwise known as Graham Browne, W. Graham Browne, William Graham Brown or William Graham Browne was an Irish actor.

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Birdy Sweeney

Birdy Sweeney (June 14, 1931 Dungannon-May 11, 1999 St. Vincent's University Hospital) also known as Edmund Sweeney, Birdie Sweeney, Edmund "Birdy" Sweeney, Birdy or Edmund Francis Sweeney was an Irish actor and comedian.

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Patrick Campbell, 3rd Baron Glenavy

Patrick Campbell, 3rd Baron Glenavy (June 6, 1913 Dublin-November 10, 1980 Cannes) a.k.a. Patrick Gordon Campbell, Lord Glenavy or Patrick Campbell was an Irish screenwriter, actor, journalist, humorist and tv personality.

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Patrick Minahan

Patrick Minahan (March 27, 1866 Killaloe, County Clare-October 3, 1933) was an Irish politician.

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Mary Gabriel Gill

Mary Gabriel Gill (June 22, 1837 Dublin-April 22, 1905) was an Irish nun.

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Thomas Kennedy

Thomas Kennedy was an Irish politician.

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Sir Thornley Stoker, 1st Baronet

Sir Thornley Stoker, 1st Baronet (March 6, 1845-July 1, 1912) also known as Sir William Thornley Stoker, 1st Baronet or William Stoker was an Irish writer, anatomist and surgeon.

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Seán Hogan

Seán Hogan (May 13, 1901-December 24, 1968 Dublin) was an Irish soldier.

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George J. Morgan

George J. Morgan (March 24, 1912-April 18, 1979) a.k.a. George Joseph Morgan was an Irish rugby player and cricketer.

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