Israeli actors born in 1981

Here are 6 famous actors from Israel were born in 1981:

Sirak M. Sabahat

Sirak M. Sabahat (December 5, 1981 Ethiopia-) also known as Sirak Sabahat is an Israeli actor.

Ofer Shechter

Ofer Shechter (April 8, 1981 Hadar Am-) a.k.a. Ofer Shecter, עופר שכטר or Schechter is an Israeli actor, entertainer, presenter and model.

Harel Moyal

Harel Moyal (January 18, 1981 Gilo-) is an Israeli singer-songwriter and actor.

Uma Khouny

Uma Khouny (November 4, 1981 Israel-) also known as Uma Barum Khouny or Ibrahim Khouny is an Israeli model and actor.

Danny Leshman

Danny Leshman (October 30, 1981 Ramat Gan-) is an Israeli actor.

Shredi Jabarin

Shredi Jabarin (December 2, 1981 Jaffa-) also known as Shredy Gabarin or Shredy Jabarin is an Israeli actor.

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