Israeli music stars born in 1951

Here are 6 famous musicians from Israel were born in 1951:

Moni Moshonov

Moni Moshonov (August 18, 1951 Ramla-) a.k.a. Monny Moshinov, שלמה "מוני" מושונוב, Shlomo "Moni" Moshonov, Shlomo Moshonov, Moni Mushonov, Monny Moshonov or Moni is an Israeli comedian, actor, theatre director and presenter. He has two children, Michael Moshonov and Alma Moshonov.

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Yardena Arazi

Yardena Arazi (September 25, 1951 Israel-) also known as ארזי, ירדנה is an Israeli presenter and singer. She has one child, Alona.

Her albums: Longing River - Songs of the Land of Israel, Perfume on my skin, Mitoch Sheahavti, Strange people, Desert Fantasy, One More Day, Gypsy Soul, Drishat Shalom, You're My Land and Yardena Arazi.

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Yoni Rechter

Yoni Rechter (November 18, 1951 Tel Aviv-) also known as Yonatan Rechter is an Israeli pianist, composer, singer and film score composer.

His albums include Fourteen Octaves, Many Faces of Love, , Song of Avraham Halfi, , When I Was Kid, , , and . Genres: Jazz, Classical music, Rock music and Progressive rock.

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Izhar Cohen

Izhar Cohen (March 13, 1951 Givatayim-) is an Israeli singer.

His related genres: Disco, Rhythm and blues, Funk, Pop music and Dance music.

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Nurit Galron

Nurit Galron (March 21, 1951-) a.k.a. נורית גלרון is an Israeli singer and actor.

Her albums include , , , , , and .

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Dror Feiler

Dror Feiler (August 31, 1951 Tel Aviv-) also known as Feiler, Dror is an Israeli artist and musician.

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