Israeli music stars died at age 26

Here are 4 famous musicians from Israel died at 26:

Hillel Slovak

Hillel Slovak (April 13, 1962 Haifa-June 25, 1988 Hollywood) also known as Slovak, Hillel or Red Hot Chili Peppers was an Israeli musician, songwriter and guitarist.

His related genres: Alternative rock, Funk rock, Punk funk, Punk rock and Funk metal.

He died caused by heroin overdose.

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Inbal Perlmuter

Inbal Perlmuter (January 15, 1971 Rehovot-October 1, 1997) also known as ענבל פרלמוטר, Inbal Perlmutter or Perlmuter, Inbal was an Israeli singer.

Her albums: .

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Avigdor Stematsky

Avigdor Stematsky (April 5, 2015 Odessa-April 5, 1989) was an Israeli personality.

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George Beurling

George Beurling (December 6, 1921 Verdun, Quebec-May 20, 1948 Rome) was an Israeli pilot.

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