Israeli music stars died at age 63

Here are 8 famous musicians from Israel died at 63:

Ayin Hillel

Ayin Hillel (August 4, 1926 Israel-April 5, 1990) was an Israeli personality.

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Marc Lavry

Marc Lavry (December 22, 1903 Riga-March 24, 1967) was an Israeli conductor.

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Eleazar Sukenik

Eleazar Sukenik (August 12, 1889 Białystok-February 28, 1953 Jerusalem) a.k.a. Eleazar Lipa Sukenik was an Israeli professor and archaeologist. His children are called Yigael Yadin, Yossi Yadin and Mati Yadin.

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Tanya Reinhart

Tanya Reinhart (July 23, 1943 Haifa-March 17, 2007 New York City) was an Israeli journalist and professor.

She died caused by stroke.

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Israel Segal

Israel Segal (May 26, 1944 Israel-September 27, 2007) was an Israeli journalist.

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Moshe Sneh

Moshe Sneh (January 6, 1909 Radzyń Podlaski-March 1, 1972) was an Israeli journalist. He had one child, Efraim Sneh.

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Ehud Manor

Ehud Manor (July 13, 1941 Binyamina-Giv'at Ada-April 12, 2005 Tel Aviv) also known as Manor, Ehud or Ehud Weiner was an Israeli radio personality, presenter, songwriter, translator and tv personality. He had three children, Gali Manor, Libby Manor and Yehuda Manor.

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Adam Baruch

Adam Baruch (April 9, 1945 Jerusalem-May 24, 2008 Tel HaShomer) was an Israeli writer, journalist, newspaper editor, art critic and actor. He had two children, Ido Rosenblum and Amalia Rosenblum.

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