Israeli music stars died at age 80

Here are 11 famous musicians from Israel died at 80:

Ephraim Kishon

Ephraim Kishon (August 23, 1924 Budapest-January 29, 2005 Appenzell) also known as Ephraim. Kishon or Ferenc Hoffmann was an Israeli writer, screenwriter, film director, film producer, actor and playwright. His children are Rafael Kishon, Amir Kishon and Renana Kishon.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Reuven Rubin

Reuven Rubin (November 13, 1893 Galați-October 13, 1974 Tel Aviv) was an Israeli writer and painter.

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Natan Yonatan

Natan Yonatan (September 20, 1923 Kiev-March 12, 2004 Petah Tikva) a.k.a. Natan Klein or Nathan Yonathan was an Israeli poet. His children are called Lior Yonatan and Ziv Yonatan.

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Michael Maschler

Michael Maschler (July 22, 1927 Jerusalem-July 20, 2008 Jerusalem) was an Israeli mathematician.

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Golda Meir

Golda Meir (May 3, 1898 Kiev-December 8, 1978 Jerusalem) a.k.a. Golda Meyerson, Golda Mabovich, Goldie Mabovitch or Golda Mabovitch was an Israeli politician, diplomat and teacher. She had two children, Sarah Meyerson and Menachem Meyerson.

She died caused by cancer.

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Moshé Feldenkrais

Moshé Feldenkrais (May 6, 1904 Slavuta-July 1, 1984 Tel Aviv) also known as Moshe Feldenkrais or Moshé Feldenkrais was an Israeli personality.

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Joseph Bentwich

Joseph Bentwich (February 3, 1902 London-April 5, 1982 Israel) was an Israeli personality.

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Ezer Weizman

Ezer Weizman (June 15, 1924 Tel Aviv-April 24, 2005 Caesarea) a.k.a. Ezer Weizmann was an Israeli pilot, politician and soldier. He had two children, Michal Weizman and Shaul Weizman.

He died caused by respiratory failure.

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David Horowitz

David Horowitz (April 5, 1899 Drohobych-August 10, 1979) was an Israeli economist.

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Dvora Omer

Dvora Omer (October 9, 1932 Maoz Haim-May 2, 2013 Kfar Ma'as) otherwise known as Devorah ʻOmer, Devorah Omer or Devorah Mosenzon was an Israeli author. She had two children, Gil Omer and Ron Omer.

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Sasha Argov

Sasha Argov (November 5, 1914 Moscow-September 27, 1995 Tel Aviv) also known as Alexander "Sasha" Argov, Alexander Abramovich or Alexander Argov was an Israeli composer.

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