Italian movie actors born in the year 1912

Here are 9 famous actors from Italy were born in 1912:

Folco Lulli

Folco Lulli (July 3, 1912 Florence-May 23, 1970 Rome) was an Italian actor, film director and partisan.

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Mario Riva

Mario Riva (January 26, 1912 Rome-September 1, 1960 Verona) a.k.a. Mario Bonavolontà or Mariuccio Bonavolontà was an Italian actor and presenter. His child is called Antonello Riva.

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Wally Cassell

Wally Cassell (March 3, 1912 Agrigento-) also known as Wall Cassell, Walter Cassell, Oswaldo Catalano or Oswaldo Castellano is an Italian actor and businessperson.

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Alberto Tavazzi

Alberto Tavazzi (March 25, 1912 Rome-April 22, 2006 Rome) also known as A. Tavazzi was an Italian actor, set decorator, production designer, costume designer and film art director.

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Nino Vingelli

Nino Vingelli (June 4, 1912 Naples-March 26, 2003 Rome) also known as Salvatore Vingelli or Vingelli was an Italian actor and voice actor.

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Adriano Rimoldi

Adriano Rimoldi (October 3, 1912 La Spezia-June 19, 1965 Rome) was an Italian actor. He had two children, Donatella Rimoldi and Simonetta Rimoldi.

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Renato Rascel

Renato Rascel (April 27, 1912 Turin-January 2, 1991 Rome) a.k.a. Renato Ranucci was an Italian actor, film score composer, screenwriter, singer and songwriter. His child is called Cesare Ranucci Rascel.

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Roberto Murolo

Roberto Murolo (January 19, 1912 Naples-March 13, 2003 Naples) a.k.a. Murolo or Murolo, Roberto was an Italian singer, actor, guitarist and songwriter.

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Maurizio D'Ancora

Maurizio D'Ancora (July 16, 1912 Florence-May 15, 1983 Milan) also known as Rodolfo Gucci was an Italian actor. He had one child, Maurizio Gucci.

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