Italian movie actors born in the year 1919

Here are 11 famous actors from Italy were born in 1919:

Gillo Pontecorvo

Gillo Pontecorvo (November 19, 1919 Pisa-October 12, 2006 Rome) also known as G. Pontecorvo or Gilberto Pontecorvo was an Italian film director, screenwriter, actor and composer. His children are called Marco Pontecorvo, Ludovico Pontecorvo and Simone Pontecorvo.

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Lino Ventura

Lino Ventura (July 14, 1919 Parma-October 22, 1987 Saint-Cloud) a.k.a. Angiolino Giuseppe Pasquale Ventura, Lino or Angiolino Giuseppe Pascal Ventura was an Italian actor and wrestler. His children are called Clelia Ventura, Laurent Ventura, Mylène Ventura and Linda Ventura.

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Rocky Graziano

Rocky Graziano (January 1, 1919 Brooklyn-May 22, 1990 New York City) also known as Thomas Rocco Barbella, The Rock, Rocky, Rocky Bob, Thomas Rocky Graziano, Roco or Painter Rock was an Italian professional boxer and actor. He had two children, Roxie Graziano and Audrey Graziano.

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Dino De Laurentiis

Dino De Laurentiis (August 8, 1919 Torre Annunziata-November 10, 2010 Beverly Hills) also known as Agostino De Laurentiis, Dino de Laurentiis, Dino DeLaurentiis, Agostino "Dino" De Laurentiis or A Dino De Laurentiis Film also was an Italian film producer, actor and television producer. He had six children, Raffaella De Laurentiis, Federico De Laurentiis, Francesca DeLaurentiis, Veronica De Laurentiis, Carolyna De Laurentiis and Dina De Laurentiis.

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Agenore Incrocci

Agenore Incrocci (July 4, 1919 Brescia-November 15, 2005 Rome) also known as Age was an Italian screenwriter, film director, actor and writer. He had two children, Alberto Incrocci and Alessandro Incrocci.

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Pietro Garinei

Pietro Garinei (February 1, 1919 Trieste-May 9, 2006 Rome) also known as Garinei was an Italian screenwriter, writer, film director, playwright, songwriter, actor and theatre director.

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Mario Scaccia

Mario Scaccia (December 26, 1919 Rome-January 26, 2011 Rome) was an Italian actor, author and poet.

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Giuseppe Rinaldi

Giuseppe Rinaldi (September 14, 1919 Rome-December 15, 2007 Rome) was an Italian actor and voice actor. He had three children, Antonella Rinaldi, Massimo Rinaldi and Francesca Rinaldi.

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Sesto Bruscantini

Sesto Bruscantini (December 10, 1919 Macerata-May 4, 2003 Civitanova Marche) was an Italian actor.

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Ciccio Barbi

Ciccio Barbi (January 19, 1919 Trofarello-) also known as Francesco Barbi is an Italian actor.

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Andrea Bosic

Andrea Bosic (August 15, 1919 Maribor-January 8, 2012 Bologna) also known as Andrea J. Bosic, Andrey Bosic, Andrea Bosich or Ignazio Andrej Božič was an Italian actor.

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