Italian movie actors died in the year 1959

Here are 3 famous actors from Italy died in 1959:

Guido Brignone

Guido Brignone (December 6, 1886 Milan-March 6, 1959 Rome) was an Italian screenwriter, film director, actor and film editor. His child is called Lilla Brignone.

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Giovanni Pastrone

Giovanni Pastrone (September 13, 1883 Montechiaro d'Asti-June 27, 1959 Turin) also known as Giovanni Pastone or Piero Fosco was an Italian screenwriter, film director and actor.

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Virgilio Riento

Virgilio Riento (November 29, 1889 Rome-September 7, 1959 Rome) otherwise known as Virgilio Armienti or Riento was an Italian actor.

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