Italian movie actors died in the year 1968

Here are 8 famous actors from Italy died in 1968:

Alfredo Martinelli

Alfredo Martinelli (March 7, 1899 Siena-November 11, 1968 Siena) was an Italian actor and voice actor.

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Pietro Pastore

Pietro Pastore (March 3, 1908 Padua-January 8, 1968 Rome) also known as Piero Pastore, Pietro Mario Pastore, Pierre Pastore, Piero Pastone, Peter Pastor or P. Pastore was an Italian actor and football player.

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Domenico Gambino

Domenico Gambino (May 17, 1891 Turin-May 7, 1968 Rome) also known as Saetta Domenico Gambino, Domenico M. Gambino or Domenico Maria Gambino was an Italian screenwriter, film director and actor. His child is called Jacky Gambino.

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Erno Crisa

Erno Crisa (March 10, 1924 Bizerte-April 5, 1968 Rome) a.k.a. Ernesto Crisa, James Parker, Erno Grisa, Tino Crisa or Ernesto Crisà was an Italian actor.

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Ermanno Roveri

Ermanno Roveri (October 5, 1903 Milan-December 27, 1968 Milan) was an Italian actor.

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Gino Talamo

Gino Talamo (December 13, 1895 Taranto-July 9, 1968 Rome) a.k.a. Luigi Talamo was an Italian film editor, actor and film director.

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Vladimiro De Liguoro

Vladimiro De Liguoro (October 11, 1893 Naples-August 31, 1968 Rome) also known as Wladimiro De Liguoro was an Italian actor, cinematographer, film director, film editor, screenwriter and film producer.

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Eduardo Passarelli

Eduardo Passarelli (July 20, 1903 Naples-December 9, 1968 Naples) also known as Eduardo De Filippo, Edoardo Passarelli or Passarelli was an Italian actor.

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