Italian movie actors died in the year 1986

Here are 5 famous actors from Italy died in 1986:

Adolfo Celi

Adolfo Celi (July 27, 1922 Messina-February 19, 1986 Siena) was an Italian actor, businessperson, film director, teacher, theatre director, writer and screenwriter. He had two children, Leonardo Celi and Alessandra Celi.

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Nino Taranto

Nino Taranto (August 28, 1907 Naples-February 23, 1986 Naples) was an Italian actor and singer.

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Giuseppe Addobbati

Giuseppe Addobbati (December 31, 1909 Makarska-January 4, 1986 Rome) also known as John Douglas, John Mac Douglas, Giuseppe Addobati, John McDouglas, Jhon Mac.Douglas, John M. Douglas or John MacDouglas was an Italian actor.

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Carlo Taranto

Carlo Taranto (October 18, 1921 Naples-April 4, 1986 Naples) was an Italian actor. He had one child, Corrado Taranto.

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Enzo Liberti

Enzo Liberti (April 20, 1926 Rome-May 4, 1986 Saint-Laurent-du-Var) a.k.a. Vincenzo Liberti was an Italian actor and film director.

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