Italian movie actors died in the year 2000

Here are 12 famous actors from Italy died in 2000:

Vittorio Gassman

Vittorio Gassman (September 1, 1922 Genoa-June 29, 2000 Rome) also known as Vittorio Gassmann, The Sir Laurence Olivier of Italy, Il Mattatore, Vittorio Gassman Knight Grand Cross OMRI, "the protagonist" or Vittorio Gassman, Knight Grand Cross, OMRI was an Italian actor, film director, screenwriter and writer. His children are called Alessandro Gassman, Paola Gassman, Jacopo Gassman and Vittoria Gassman.

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José Greco

José Greco (December 23, 1918 Montorio nei Frentani-December 31, 2000 Lancaster) a.k.a. Jose Greco, Constanzo José Greco or Costanzo Greco Bucci was an Italian actor, dancer and choreographer. He had six children, José Luis Greco, Paolo Greco, José Greco II, Alessandra Greco, Carmela Greco and Lola Greco.

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Leopoldo Savona

Leopoldo Savona (July 2, 1913 Lenola-October 19, 2000 Iesi) also known as Leo Coleman, Leo Colman or Robert Lover was an Italian screenwriter, film director and actor.

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Leonardo Benvenuti

Leonardo Benvenuti (September 8, 1923 Florence-November 3, 2000 Rome) a.k.a. Leo Benvenuti, Ralph Grave, Benvenuti, Leo Benvenuto, Leo or Lamberto Bemvenuti was an Italian screenwriter, actor and film director. He had two children, Roberto Benvenuti and Francesco Benvenuti.

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Italo Zingarelli

Italo Zingarelli (January 15, 1930 Lugo-April 28, 2000 Rome) also known as Ike Zingarmann was an Italian film producer, film director, screenwriter, writer and actor. He had three children, Sergio Zingarelli, Fabio Zingarelli and Sandra Zingarelli.

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Luigi Bonos

Luigi Bonos (November 27, 2014 Berlin-November 27, 2014) a.k.a. Gianni Bonos, Louis William, Gigi Bonus, Duane Bowland, Luiggi Bonos, Luigi W. Bonos, Luigi Williams, Louis Williams or Gigi Bonos was an Italian actor.

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Bruno Martino

Bruno Martino (November 11, 1925 Rome-June 12, 2000 Rome) a.k.a. The Bruno Martino Five or Martino, Bruno was an Italian pianist, composer, singer and actor. His child is called Walter Martino.

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Gian Luigi Polidoro

Gian Luigi Polidoro (February 4, 1927 Bassano del Grappa-September 7, 2000 Rome) also known as Igi Polidoro or Gian-Luigi Polidoro was an Italian film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Paddy Joyce

Paddy Joyce (May 31, 1923 Trieste-July 27, 2000 London) also known as Patrick Francis Joyce was an Italian actor.

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Victor Cavallo

Victor Cavallo (May 8, 1947 Rome-January 22, 2000 Rome) a.k.a. Vittorio Vitolo was an Italian actor and writer.

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Pasquale Cajano

Pasquale Cajano (August 19, 1921 Italy-October 24, 2000) a.k.a. Pasquale Cagiano was an Italian actor. His children are called Maria Minasso and Vincent Cajano.

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Carlo Mazzone

Carlo Mazzone (December 12, 1920 Padua-November 5, 2000 San Francisco) also known as Carlo Mazzone-Clementi was an Italian actor.

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