Italian movie actors died in the year 2013

Here are 16 famous actors from Italy died in 2013:

Carlo Lizzani

Carlo Lizzani (April 3, 1922 Rome-October 5, 2013 Prati) a.k.a. Lee W. Beaver was an Italian screenwriter, film director, actor, film producer, television director, film critic, writer and author. He had two children, Francesco Lizzani and Flaminia Lizzani.

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Damiano Damiani

Damiano Damiani (July 23, 1922 Pasiano di Pordenone-March 7, 2013 Ripa) was an Italian screenwriter, film director, actor, writer, television director and production designer. His children are called Cristina Damiani, Sibilla Damiani and Francesco Damiani.

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Giuliano Gemma

Giuliano Gemma (September 2, 1938 Rome-October 1, 2013 Civitavecchia) a.k.a. Montgomery Wood was an Italian actor, sculptor and stunt performer. He had two children, Vera Gemma and Giuliana Gemma.

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Luciano Martino

Luciano Martino (December 22, 1933 Naples-August 14, 2013 Malindi) also known as Dan Lopert, Mario Donan, Martin Hardy, Frank Cook or Louis Martin was an Italian film producer, film director, screenwriter, television producer, actor and writer. He had two children, Lea Martino and Dania Martino.

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Carlo Monni

Carlo Monni (October 23, 1943 Campi Bisenzio-May 19, 2013 Florence) also known as Carl Money was an Italian actor.

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Armando Trovajoli

Armando Trovajoli (September 2, 1917 Rome-March 1, 2013 Rome) also known as Francis Berman, A. Trovaioli, R. Vatro, Roman Vatro, Armando Torovaioli, Armando Tovaioli, Armando Trovadoli, Trovaioli or Armando Trovaioli was an Italian film score composer, pianist, conductor, composer and actor. He had five children, Howard Andrew Trovaioli, Piergiorgio Trovaioli, Graziella Trovaioli, Maurizio Trovaioli and Marina Ubalda Trovaioli.

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Arnaldo Ninchi

Arnaldo Ninchi (December 17, 1935 Pesaro-May 6, 2013 Rome) was an Italian actor and voice actor.

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Ennio Girolami

Ennio Girolami (January 14, 1935 Rome-February 16, 2013 Rome) also known as Enio Girolami, Ennio Girolamo or Thomas Moore was an Italian actor.

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Willy Rizzo

Willy Rizzo (October 22, 1928 Naples-February 25, 2013 Paris) was an Italian photographer, furniture designer and actor. His child is called Willy Rizzo, Jr..

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Antonio Allocca

Antonio Allocca (June 24, 1937 Portici-December 31, 2013 Marcianise) was an Italian actor and character actor.

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Larry Pennell

Larry Pennell (February 21, 1928 Uniontown-August 28, 2013) also known as Alessandro Pennelli, Larry "Bud" Pennell or Bud Pennell was an Italian actor.

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Franco Califano

Franco Califano (September 14, 1938 Tripoli-March 30, 2013 Acilia) also known as Califfo was an Italian actor, singer and lyricist. He had one child, Silvia Califano.

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Enzo Jannacci

Enzo Jannacci (June 3, 1935 Milan-March 29, 2013 Milan) also known as Enzo Iannacci or Vincenzo Jannacci was an Italian actor, singer-songwriter, comedian and film score composer. He had one child, Paolo Jannacci.

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Tonino Accolla

Tonino Accolla (April 9, 1949 Syracuse-July 14, 2013 Rome) also known as Antonino Accolla was an Italian actor and voice actor. He had one child, Lorenzo Accolla.

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Massimo Mollica

Massimo Mollica (March 19, 1929 Pace del Mela-May 1, 2013 Messina) was an Italian actor.

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Zuzzurro (August 21, 1946 Varese-October 24, 2013 Milan) also known as Andrea Brambilla was an Italian actor and writer.

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