Italian actors died in Cirrhosis

Here are 3 famous actors from Italy died in Cirrhosis:

Franco Franchi

Franco Franchi (September 18, 1928 Palermo-December 9, 1992 Rome) a.k.a. Francesco Benenato, Franchi or Franco was an Italian comedian, actor and singer. His children are called Maria Letizia Benenato and Massimo Benenato.

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John Kitzmiller

John Kitzmiller (December 4, 1913 Battle Creek-February 23, 1965 Rome) a.k.a. John Kitzmiller k was an Italian actor.

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Renato Salvatori

Renato Salvatori (March 20, 1934 Seravezza-March 27, 1988 Rome) otherwise known as Giuseppe Salvatori was an Italian actor. He had two children, Giulia Salvatori and Nils Salvatori.

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