Italian actors died in Natural causes

Here are 6 famous actors from Italy died in Natural causes:

Giuseppe Becce

Giuseppe Becce (February 3, 1877 Lonigo-October 5, 1973 Berlin) a.k.a. Dr. Giuseppe Becce, G. Becce, Dr. Bechstein or Dr. Guiseppe Becce was an Italian film score composer, composer and actor.

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Robert Hundar

Robert Hundar (January 12, 1935 Partanna-May 12, 2008 Rome) a.k.a. Claudio Undari, The King of Spaghetti western or Robert Hunder was an Italian actor.

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Dino De Laurentiis

Dino De Laurentiis (August 8, 1919 Torre Annunziata-November 10, 2010 Beverly Hills) also known as Agostino De Laurentiis, Dino de Laurentiis, Dino DeLaurentiis, Agostino "Dino" De Laurentiis or A Dino De Laurentiis Film also was an Italian film producer, actor and television producer. He had six children, Raffaella De Laurentiis, Federico De Laurentiis, Francesca DeLaurentiis, Veronica De Laurentiis, Carolyna De Laurentiis and Dina De Laurentiis.

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Carlo Pisacane

Carlo Pisacane (February 2, 1889 Naples-June 9, 1974 Rome) also known as Cappannelle or Capannelle was an Italian actor.

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Gigi Ballista

Gigi Ballista (December 1, 1918 Florence-August 2, 1980 Rome) also known as Luigi Ballista or Giggi Ballista was an Italian actor and television presenter.

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Riccardo Freda

Riccardo Freda (February 24, 1909 Alexandria-December 20, 1999 Rome) otherwise known as Richard Freda, Willy Pareta, Willy Pareto, Riccardo Santelmi, Robert Hampton, Dick Jordan, George Lincoln, Robert Davidson or Robert Hamton was an Italian film director, actor, set decorator, film editor and screenwriter.

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