Italian actors died in Suicide

Here are 7 famous actors from Italy died in Suicide:

Hugh O'Connor

Hugh O'Connor (April 7, 1962 Rome-March 28, 1995 Pacific Palisades) also known as Hugh Edward Ralph O'Connor was an Italian actor. He had one child, Sean Carroll O'Connor.

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Luigi Pistilli

Luigi Pistilli (July 19, 1929 Grosseto-April 21, 1996 Milan) also known as Gigi Pistilli was an Italian actor and voice actor. His children are called Camilla Pistilli and Daniele Pistilli.

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Luigi Tenco

Luigi Tenco (March 21, 1938 Cassine-January 27, 1967 Sanremo) was an Italian actor and singer-songwriter.

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Alighiero Noschese

Alighiero Noschese (November 25, 1932 Naples-December 3, 1979 Rome) also known as thief of souls was an Italian actor and impersonator. He had two children, Chiara Noschese and Antonello Noschese.

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Mario Monicelli

Mario Monicelli (May 16, 1915 Prati-November 29, 2010 Rome) a.k.a. M. Monicelli, Michele Badiek, Monicelli or Mario Moncelli was an Italian film director, screenwriter, actor and film editor. He had three children, Martina Monicelli, Rosa Monicelli and Ottavia Monicelli.

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Carlo Lizzani

Carlo Lizzani (April 3, 1922 Rome-October 5, 2013 Prati) a.k.a. Lee W. Beaver was an Italian screenwriter, film director, actor, film producer, television director, film critic, writer and author. He had two children, Francesco Lizzani and Flaminia Lizzani.

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Tino Schirinzi

Tino Schirinzi (August 12, 1934 Taranto-August 18, 1993 Barberino di Mugello) was an Italian actor and theatre director.

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