Italian movie actresses born in the year 1916

Here are 7 famous actresses from Italy were born in 1916:

Silvana Jachino

Silvana Jachino (February 2, 1916 Milan-August 28, 2004 Morciano di Romagna) also known as Susan Terry was an Italian actor.

Giovanna Galletti

Giovanna Galletti (June 27, 1916 Bangkok-April 27, 1992 Rome) a.k.a. Giovanna Galetti, Giana Vivaldi, Giovanna Vivaldi or Giovanna Galletti Vivaldi was an Italian actor.

Elena Zareschi

Elena Zareschi (July 23, 1916 Buenos Aires-July 31, 1999 Lucca) also known as Elina Lazzareschi was an Italian actor.

Giusi Raspani Dandolo

Giusi Raspani Dandolo (August 23, 1916 Trani-January 14, 2000 Rome) also known as Giuseppina Dandolo, Giusi Raspani or Joe Rast was an Italian actor and voice actor.

Gianna Giuffré

Gianna Giuffré (September 19, 1916 Reggio Calabria-February 18, 1998 Rome) also known as Giovanna Maria Giuffrè was an Italian actor, singer and soubrette. She had one child, Adriana Giuffrè.

María Denis

María Denis (November 22, 1916 Buenos Aires-April 15, 2004 Rome) a.k.a. Maria Esther Beomonte or Maria Denis was an Italian actor.

Anna Maria Bottini

Anna Maria Bottini (March 24, 1916 Milan-) otherwise known as Anna Maria Bottin, Annamaria Bottin or Annamaria Bottini is an Italian actor.

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