Italian movie actresses born in the year 1919

Here are 9 famous actresses from Italy were born in 1919:

Nada Fiorelli

Nada Fiorelli (August 17, 1919 Pescara-September 16, 1984 Rome) was an Italian actor.

Nilla Pizzi

Nilla Pizzi (April 16, 1919 Sant'Agata Bolognese-March 12, 2011 Segrate) also known as Adionilla Negrini Pizzi or Adionilla Pizzi was an Italian singer and actor.

Annabella Schiavone

Annabella Schiavone (January 20, 1919 Salerno-September 26, 1990 Salerno) was an Italian actor.

Laura Pestellini

Laura Pestellini (April 27, 1919 Florence-November 23, 2010 Florence) was an Italian actor.

Adriana Benetti

Adriana Benetti (December 19, 1919 Ferrara-) is an Italian actor.

Rosita Pisano

Rosita Pisano (October 15, 1919 Naples-October 15, 1975 Naples) also known as Rosa Maria Pisano was an Italian actor. Her child is called Paolo Frescura.

Margherita Horowitz

Margherita Horowitz (August 7, 1919 Auschwitz concentration camp-May 16, 1990 Rome) a.k.a. Margareth Horowitz, Margherita Trentini, Margaret Horowitz or Margherita Horovitz was an Italian actor.

Anna Arena

Anna Arena (May 21, 1919 Quiliano-August 19, 1974 Jesolo) also known as Ada Anna Arena was an Italian actor.

Lilia Dale

Lilia Dale (July 18, 1919 Pula-) otherwise known as Adonella, Lilia Dale-Hand, Koralin Hand, Lilia Dale Hand, Lilly Hand or Lily Hand is an Italian actor.

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