Italian movie actresses born in the year 1950

Here are 8 famous actresses from Italy were born in 1950:

Veronica De Laurentiis

Veronica De Laurentiis (January 13, 1950 Rome-) also known as Veronica DeLaurentis is an Italian actor, author, designer and businessperson. She has four children, Giada De Laurentiis, Dino De Laurentiis, Igor De Laurentiis and Eloisa De Laurentiis.

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Daria Nicolodi

Daria Nicolodi (June 19, 1950 Florence-) is an Italian screenwriter and actor. She has two children, Asia Argento and Anna Ceroli.

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Anna Bonaiuto

Anna Bonaiuto (January 28, 1950 Latisana-) also known as Anna Buonaiuto is an Italian actor.

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Laura Gemser

Laura Gemser (October 5, 1950 Surabaya-) otherwise known as Laura M. Gemser, Moira Chen, Laurette Gemser, Laurette Marcia Gemser or Laurette Marcia "Laura" Gemser is an Italian costume designer and actor.

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Malisa Longo

Malisa Longo (July 13, 1950 Venice-) also known as Malisa Lang, Melisa Lang, Malisa Long, Melissa Long, Marisa Longo, Mary Louisa Longo or Maria Luisa Longo is an Italian actor, model, screenwriter, writer, film director and pornographic film actor.

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Mara Venier

Mara Venier (October 20, 1950 Venice-) also known as Mara Provoleri, Maria Venier or Mara Povoleri is an Italian actor and presenter. Her children are called Elisabetta Ferracini and Paolo Capponi.

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Mita Medici

Mita Medici (August 20, 1950 Rome-) also known as Patrizia Vistarini or Patrizia Perini is an Italian actor, singer, model and tv personality.

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Loretta Goggi

Loretta Goggi (September 29, 1950 Rome-) also known as Goggi, Loretta, Loretta e Daniela Goggi or Goggi, Loretta e Daniela is an Italian singer and actor.

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